Blue Howlite - The Mind Calmer

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A soft peaceful, subtle energy helping the brain & communication. Artificially coloured blue complements the purity of Howlite. Helps understanding & accepting yourself & your challenges. Calms the mind & emotions - stress, worries & anxiety . Helps accepting yourself & communicating this to others & expressing emotions. Good for egocentric people, grounding & balancing & being discrete.

This stone clears the mind to allow inspirational thoughts to come in & come to fruition. Helps brain function, insight, wisdom, memory & desire for knowledge. Helps with patience & controlling anger (wear in pocket). Helps being over critical of selfish.

Probably the best stone for sleep / insomnia when overactive mind  Helps with calcium levels & so aids teeth, bones & soft tissue. Place on a table or shelf close to a well frequented area.

Chakras : Throat & crown   (White stone dyed blue)