Blue Chalcedony - The Soft Peaceful Stone

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Blue Chalcedony has a soft energy. Its blue cloudy appearance instills a sense of calmness, peace, & harmony. It is a very peaceful positive stone & can help you accept yourself & help you to speak for yourself. It promotes positive & as a result is good for dejection & depression - It helps being optimistic & providing a positive view of the world. It can remove hostility & improves listening & increases desire to give. It will help bring positive dreams & it helps us be aware of what we do not want - such is its power of the positive.

Bigger stones can bring group stability. Spiritually it can help balance, thought transmission & telepathy. Physically it helps sore throats & respiratory problems. It helps calm babies & clear illness. Mentally it can help to learn languages & magically it can help create weather.

Chakras : Throat      (Pale Blue )