Blue Apatite - The Compassion Stone

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Price: $8.00
Blue Apatite is a stone of caring & compassion. It will help you develop awareness of others. Good for people in the caring & service industries. Helps being more humanitarian. It helps to create a loving environment that’s full of communication. It can help rebuild old family relationships that need to be healed. Can stabilize rocky relationships. It will help you to talk “from the heart”.

Great for musicians, public performers, speakers & group communication. Helps with self expression through art & music. It will help with the expansion of knowledge showing that the truth leads to further freedom. It can stimulate psychic ability & access past life insights. It allows you to become aware of universal laws & can connect to higher spirit guides of a humaniterian nature. Physically it can strengthen muscles. Good for hyperactivity, promotes calm & peace.

Chakras : Throat      (Deep Ocean Blue )