Black Tourmaline - The Protector

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Black Tourmaline brings the strength & stability of planet earth into the human Aura. It deflects all negativity & reinforces personal energy. It protects against negative people & emotions, negative situations, crisis or trauma, psychic attack (spirit possession & evil eye or ill wishing/spells) protects healers from bad energy & provides protection in crowds. Protects against electromagnetic smog inc cell phones. Personally protects against excessive emotions (anger, fear, resentment & envy).

Combats life threatening, debilitating or chronic disease such as heart disease, rheumatism & dyslexia - strengthens immune system. Realigns bones & muscle after injury or strain - helps physical balance & tinnitus. Grounding; helps with confusion & scattered energies, promotes harmony with surroundings hence good for moving & travel (& jetlag); restores normality & reality after healing or spiritual practices. Helps resolve sexual guilt also helps with low libidoes. Clean regulary if using for protection (3 or 4 hours in fresh water).

Chakras : Base           (Black opaque, straight edge)