Azurite - Stone of Psychic Development

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- Azurite is a stone sacred to the American Indians
  & Mayans, both used it for psychic awareness,
  "seeing" & scrying. It enlightens & shows the user the
  real meaning of the universe & life's purpose. It provides
  insight, intuition & inspiration. This seeing ability not only
  reveals your problems & fears but also their origins. It
  turns fear into comprehension & solutions. It brings the
  subconscious into the conscience to reveal the limiting
  beliefs that are holding you back. It is perfect for those
  who believe that they are not intuitive or "visual" & want
  to be.
- These attributes make azurite good for clear thinking &
  clear expression. It also helps indecision & worry
  ( simply hold & ask to evaporate troublesome thoughts).
  It is also good for telepathy, dowsing & dream recall.
- Physically it energizes & motivates you into action,
  cures headaches & migraines & helps you listen.
Chakras : Throat & third eye (vibrant blue)