Astrophyllite -The past clearer

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Astrophollite is an unusual stone with strong energy. It is primarily used to clear away negative experiences from the past & helps you to move on & not to dwell on things. Helps you to see the reasons behind why things happen - so you can learn from them.

It is a dark stone with shimmering surface light & in the same way it will help you to probe the darker side of your past & come out seeing the light, with self acceptance & self forgiveness. From this, it will help illuminate your life's purpose (good with moldavite). It can be good for those who feel they are beyond help because of their past. So it is good for those who have been institutionalized in jail or the mental health system.

It will help with perseverance, to work through things to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Helps to balance through change.
Spiritually like labradorite & tigers eye the shimmering effect can help with interdimensional communication, with the extraterrestrial realm, telepathy & any psychic work inc exorcism of spirits. Helps with astral travel & recognizing synchronicity.

Physically it strengthens your energy field, protects & is good against electromagnetic radiation.
Charkas Third eye and all (Black with cats eye effect)