Apophyllite - Stone of the 3rd Eye

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Price: $65.00
Brilliant for ‘out of body’ journeys - crystal clear recall of events. Helps open & educate the 3rd eye to do amazing things. Helps to unlock anchient earth mysteries & helps to unite humans  as brothers; will open up new worlds. Enables the future to be accessed - excellent for scrying. Helps us find ways to liberate the soul - to understand what it is  thats oppressing us & what we no longer need.

Helps us be more organized, making life clearer & with meaning. Calms & grounds the spirit - helps people who are scattered. Stimulates love of life & for all living creatures & nature. Helps make instinctive or intuitive decisions with basis in love. Its presence in a room will enhance the energies. It is a carrier of the Akashic record (the esoteric history of the universe) placed on chest helps with asthma; Great for reiki healing. This stone helps us with our next step in our spiritual awakening, it will also help those that do not believe or feel they are not pshycic.

Chakras : Third eye & crown        (Clear pyramid)