Apache Tears - Stone of Security

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Apache Tears are a form of black obsidian that is naturally smooth. Apache Tears have a legend that they are tears of women morning the loss of their Apache warriors driven over a cliff by the cavalry. This stone provides good protection & healing powers in the mourning process. It will help you feel warm & protective when you feel vulnerable, exploited, betrayed or deprived. It will help in times of need. It goes on from here & helps strengthen your ego & your spiritual & mental self. It brings hidden emotions to the surface & helps you to heal them. It allows you to cry. It helps all fear, letting go of restriction, letting you flow, move on & grow. It goes on further to helping you think more clearly & see the depth in situations. It will help with scrying & psychic powers. It will help bring light to what is hidden from the conscious mind.

Physically it can balance sexual energies, help ground you & help remove toxins from the body. Good pain relief for Aids patients, arthritis & joint pain. Also good for prostate problems

Lastly Apache Tears are said to be good luck & good for business success.

Chakras : Base                 (Black glass)