Amazonite - Stone of the forests

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Price: $45.00

- The stone of the forests, the lungs of the earth
- Helps breathing, asthma & all chest &
  respitory ailments.
- Helps with all levels of self expression & communication
- Outgoing & curious, leads to a desire to understand & learn
  & expand horizons
- Helps long term memory & past life recall relative to the present
- Helps to clarify purpose in the world,
- Helps with confidence, leadership & standing up for yourself.
- Able to influence feelings in people to change their thought
  patterns for good.
- Helps keep negative thoughts at bay.
- Stone of conservation & keeping things protected
- Helps with cell phone & microwave emissions.
- Chakras: Throat & heart Star sign : Virgo.
  (deep green with white specks)